Your Versatile Device Holder

From the practical to protective, fitness to fun and personal to professional uses, The Cell Buckle is the simple device holder allowing for the most in variety and versatility, when it comes to securing most of your handheld devices in the most locations possible. The convenience of the Cell Buckle comes down to how it secures so many different hand held and smaller devices for use by acting as the third hand you often wish you had.

The numerous applications for the Cell Buckle range from use in cars to boats, bicycles to motorcycles, at the gym, in the kitchen, on the beach, around the children and capturing quality video and images that can be much more challenging otherwise. The many items that can be secured include phones, flashlights, Ez Passes, Calculators, Remote Controls, Cameras, Walkie Talkies, Music Players and an array of other items.

The simple, helpful, handsfree device is fun, easy to use and delivers that much more accessibility as well as protection to your devices while making those challenging situations with phones and other devices that much easier.

The Cell Buckle is Your Versatile Device Holder. What can you attach it to?

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Car, Fitness, Babies, Kitchen, Sport and Leisure, Music, Boats, Sun and Fun, Assistance and Occupational Users.