The Music Jumps, Not Our Phone Mount!

People form lines days in advance for the latest version of the iPhone, and you should protect your precious investment even in your car. The iPhone car mount automatically becomes a phone locator keeping your phone stationary and accessible during your trip. Everyone has experienced dropping or looking for their phone inside the car and this not only causes one to miss a call, but can also cause several accidents and deaths.

To eliminate fatal accidents, many states are implementing laws mandating that cell phone use in your car is hands free. With an iPhone car mount, phone users can eliminate the need for blue tooth or headphone attachments that sometime have poor reception, static, or drops in and out during an important phone call.

California has placed restrictions where a window phone or GPS mount can be placed because it obstructs the view while driving. In some cars, this limited space does not have a flat enough surface for phone mounts with suction cups to secure. In hot weather, the suction cups have been found to loosen or not stick at all causing the phone and the mount to drop from its position.

With the car phone mounted and within reach in a secure place, your iPhone screen display is easier to access and read. It will also be easy to make a phone call without taking your eyes and hands off the road. In one simple step, your iPhone will stay stationery and in one place at all times.

The iPhone phone doubles as a GPS system, music player and acts as an extra set of hands to make that important phone call. Your phone will fit snugly into the universal mount and will stabilize throughout the roughest pot holes, railroad tracks and rough roads without your phone jumping around or loosening.


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