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The Cell Buckle as an iPhone Car Holder

The Cell Buckle is the perfect car accessory for the iPhone. It frees up your hands so that you can drive with convenience and safety. You use it by putting your iPhone between the buckle and securing it in place. The Cell Buckle will then hold your iPhone steady for ease of use.

With the Cell Buckle as an iPhone car holder, you can use the GPS functionality with convenience. The car holder buckle clicks on to your dashboard or the steering wheel so that you can easily navigate and find your destination. The iPhone car holder holds the phone on eye level so that you don’t have to strain. There’s no need to buy a fully functional GPS when you can use your iPhone.

The Cell Buckle is great as a MP3 car holder as well. Rather than having to take your attention away from the road, you can attach it to where it’s comfortable and easily browse through your music library. By installing it on your steering wheel, you can click without taking your hands away from the wheel.

You can also use the Cell Buckle to talk while you drive. With this car holder, you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket or risking your safety because you need to answer an urgent phone call. Simply click it on to your steering wheel and simply press to answer the phone. You can then use the phone with an ear piece or on speaker mode.

The Cell Buckle is the perfect iPhone car holder. You can also use other devices such as other phones, MP3 players, and a GPS device with the Cell Buckle because the buckles are adjustable. If you’re a drive that’s looking for convenience and safety when using electronics, this handy attachment is the perfect solution.




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