Makes the Gym EASY!

Surely you have seen the common belt clip cell phone holder, of course these are just fine for when you are on foot or sitting in a proper upright position, but what if you need to drive, travel, or commit to your daily workout routine at the gym? Your electronic device is fragile and expensive! It can easily be stolen, lost, or damaged hence the infamous conditions under most of these product’s warranty.

Finally there is now an inexpensive solution, for the cost of your belt clip holder, The Cell Buckle is an ingenious investment, this wonderful new product snaps into place on the most often used daily devices, such as… Your steering wheel, the grocery store’s shopping cart, and the inside grips of the treadmill you use at the gym or at home.

Any circular bar between the dimensions of 1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ in diameter this unique cell phone holder will snugly snap to with ease, it can fit in between the inside of your steering wheel to make hands free communication while driving a breeze, it snaps to the bar of most shopping carts so you no longer have to fumble for your phone in the store, and it fits firmly to the center bar of the treadmill at the gym, so you can listen to your music hands free and worry free.

No other cell phone holder before it has been as practical for your daily commute and routine, worry about where to put your expensive device is a concern of the past. This revolutionary new product can and will reduce daily stress factors related to your place in the economy since such an inexpensive investment will clear your mind about damaging or losing another, more expensive one. Get your Cell Buckle today!


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