When pushing a stroller, it helps to keep your attention elsewhere…

Mothers and fathers alike can’t leave the house without a backpack or diaper bag full of supplies for their children. Whether it’s diapers, baby wipes, goldfish cracker snacks, diaper ointment, or a child’s iPad, there usually isn’t much room for a cell phone. And who really wants to shove a cell phone in a crowded bag full of potential phone hazards, such as baby formula powder and sticky, leaky sippy cups? Men’s pockets are full of keys, money and wallet. A woman’s purse usually becomes a black hole vortex, where neither a tube of lipstick, much less a cell phone, can be found at a moment’s notice.

A wise solution for your cell phone when pushing your children on a stroller on the way to a day at the park is a cell phone holder. A cell phone holder that is easy to use and made of high quality materials can spell and end to lost phones, missed calls and damages to your cell phone while performing day to day activities, such as pushing your child on a stroller.

A high quality cell phone holder hails from The Cell Buckle. The Cell Buckle cell phone holder attaches to the handlebar of the stroller, causing no damage and requiring no tools. It is compact, easy to use, and can even be used to make and take calls without having to remove your cell phone from the cell phone holder.

While walking your child on a stroller, it may be beneficial to you (and your child) to listen to music during the stroll. You can easily program your Cell Buckle to play music off your MP3 player through Bluetooth. The compact, versatile and easy to use Cell Buckle will keep your hands free to enjoy your children safely.


Makes the Gym EASY!

Surely you have seen the common belt clip cell phone holder, of course these are just fine for when you are on foot or sitting in a proper upright position, but what if you need to drive, travel, or commit to your daily workout routine at the gym? Your electronic device is fragile and expensive! It can easily be stolen, lost, or damaged hence the infamous conditions under most of these product’s warranty.

Finally there is now an inexpensive solution, for the cost of your belt clip holder, The Cell Buckle is an ingenious investment, this wonderful new product snaps into place on the most often used daily devices, such as… Your steering wheel, the grocery store’s shopping cart, and the inside grips of the treadmill you use at the gym or at home.

Any circular bar between the dimensions of 1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ in diameter this unique cell phone holder will snugly snap to with ease, it can fit in between the inside of your steering wheel to make hands free communication while driving a breeze, it snaps to the bar of most shopping carts so you no longer have to fumble for your phone in the store, and it fits firmly to the center bar of the treadmill at the gym, so you can listen to your music hands free and worry free.

No other cell phone holder before it has been as practical for your daily commute and routine, worry about where to put your expensive device is a concern of the past. This revolutionary new product can and will reduce daily stress factors related to your place in the economy since such an inexpensive investment will clear your mind about damaging or losing another, more expensive one. Get your Cell Buckle today!


Why an iPhone Car Cradle is Useful

Using an iPhone car cradle is not only convenient, it is also a safety feature. Majority of the United States have passed laws for making talking or texting behind the wheel illegal and it is also very dangerous for someone to do so to begin with. If one is occupied with their cell phone, they are not properly paying attention to the traffic lights, cars on the road, pedestrians, or many other situations one can face while driving.

An iPhone cradle can be used in a variety of applications including in the car, on a motorcycle, baby stroller, treadmill, shopping cart and other areas as well. An iPhone cradle is a type of buckle system that latches into position and allows an iPhone to fit securely into place without moving.

After the iPhone car cradle has been put into place, the individual may set their device to driving mode so that calls are put on speaker and text messages read aloud. Typically, an individual may send texts messages, make calls or perform other activities on their smartphone like usual while it is being operated hands-free.

When the person uses an iPhone car cradle, they may operate their iPhone hands-free by speaking voice commands. This way, the user can keep both hands on the steering wheel and pay attention to their surroundings while on the road. Using an iPhone car cradle will allow a person to still maintain communication while remaining safe on the road.

While using an iPhone car cradle is beneficial to the driver, they may also use the cradle for a variety of other situations including times when the person needs to pay full attention to their surroundings instead of their phone. An iPhone cradle can be used on a baby stroller when taking the baby on a walk so that the person may pay attention to pushing the stroller to avoid accidents; an iPhone cradle may also be mounted on a treadmill to listen to music while working out.


The Music Jumps, Not Our Phone Mount!

People form lines days in advance for the latest version of the iPhone, and you should protect your precious investment even in your car. The iPhone car mount automatically becomes a phone locator keeping your phone stationary and accessible during your trip. Everyone has experienced dropping or looking for their phone inside the car and this not only causes one to miss a call, but can also cause several accidents and deaths.

To eliminate fatal accidents, many states are implementing laws mandating that cell phone use in your car is hands free. With an iPhone car mount, phone users can eliminate the need for blue tooth or headphone attachments that sometime have poor reception, static, or drops in and out during an important phone call.

California has placed restrictions where a window phone or GPS mount can be placed because it obstructs the view while driving. In some cars, this limited space does not have a flat enough surface for phone mounts with suction cups to secure. In hot weather, the suction cups have been found to loosen or not stick at all causing the phone and the mount to drop from its position.

With the car phone mounted and within reach in a secure place, your iPhone screen display is easier to access and read. It will also be easy to make a phone call without taking your eyes and hands off the road. In one simple step, your iPhone will stay stationery and in one place at all times.

The iPhone phone doubles as a GPS system, music player and acts as an extra set of hands to make that important phone call. Your phone will fit snugly into the universal mount and will stabilize throughout the roughest pot holes, railroad tracks and rough roads without your phone jumping around or loosening.


Your versatile device holder holding a garmin

The Cell Buckle as an iPhone Car Holder

The Cell Buckle is the perfect car accessory for the iPhone. It frees up your hands so that you can drive with convenience and safety. You use it by putting your iPhone between the buckle and securing it in place. The Cell Buckle will then hold your iPhone steady for ease of use.

With the Cell Buckle as an iPhone car holder, you can use the GPS functionality with convenience. The car holder buckle clicks on to your dashboard or the steering wheel so that you can easily navigate and find your destination. The iPhone car holder holds the phone on eye level so that you don’t have to strain. There’s no need to buy a fully functional GPS when you can use your iPhone.

The Cell Buckle is great as a MP3 car holder as well. Rather than having to take your attention away from the road, you can attach it to where it’s comfortable and easily browse through your music library. By installing it on your steering wheel, you can click without taking your hands away from the wheel.

You can also use the Cell Buckle to talk while you drive. With this car holder, you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket or risking your safety because you need to answer an urgent phone call. Simply click it on to your steering wheel and simply press to answer the phone. You can then use the phone with an ear piece or on speaker mode.

The Cell Buckle is the perfect iPhone car holder. You can also use other devices such as other phones, MP3 players, and a GPS device with the Cell Buckle because the buckles are adjustable. If you’re a drive that’s looking for convenience and safety when using electronics, this handy attachment is the perfect solution.